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Kneading machine

This fine planetary kneading machine has five speeds, is electronically adjustable and is supplied with removable chopping bowl (10 litres). It is provided with a stainless steel whisk, a flat mixer arm and a dough hook. Also provided with a lift. The machine can also be used as a syrup mixer.

-   Dimensions: 53 x 39 x 48 cm.

-   220 volt / 600 watt.

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Separate bakingtrays

Several bakingtrays which can be placed on the  stroopwafelijzer "Robust".

For more information contact Triz Setah.

On order only.


Various roundcutters available including the sizes 45, 60, 85 and 130 mm round.

Heart: big massive heart 130 mm.

Flower: sold out, liittle heart: sold out

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dough device syrupwaffles cutter recipes


Dough system for 85 mm and 130 mm waffles.

For sale as a set with two cutters, can also be used as syrup waffle cutters (45/60 mm).

Supplied with foils and rolling pin.

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