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Was the newest hit our large baking irons, now we are delveloping the handmade normal size baking irons as well:

soon to come!

The newest hit: the large baking irons,

heavy handmade machines, by Triz Setah only.

In 2200 watt or even 3000 watt(you can bake even more!)

Luckily we have good professional recipes which come with the stroopwafelirons, you will need them, it is sometimes a challenge to make the dough and the syrup. With a good recipe, a great iron and emailguidance with the recipes you will succeed!

Our stroopwafelbaking irons are only made with us and by us  - Triz Setah 

unfortunately I often come across that people indicate that they have taken over the "production", this is definitely not true. We, Triz Setah sell the stroopwafel irons and also our partners Wafel en Co and Markus Stroopwafels. If in doubt, you can always contact us via


For questions send an email to :


Ties Steenbergen (1941-2019)

Founder of Setah Solutions 

Founder of Setah Solutions and inventor of most of the machines as we sell them today.

We continue his life’s  work,but keep working on developing our maachines

Something he really wanted and he was extremely proud of.

Ties Steenbergen Setah Solutions syrupwaflle irons production lines
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